We had two guests today, Amybeth Perry from Peoples Bank in Chicopee and Rene Laviolette, both from the Westfield Rotary.

Kate spoke about two upcoming events:

A Culture and Cocktails Oktoberfest @ the Springfield Museums on 10/06/2011 for $5 per person

The Capital Steps @ Citystage on 04/28/2012 $47 per ticket

Please email Kate at kparker@birchmanor.us for more information or to RSVP to her

The Foundation Dinner is scheduled for Thursday November 3rd at the Chez Josef in Agawam. We have a table reserved for our club. Please send in your payment if you are attending.

Carl Dietz, Chicopee's Director of Community Development was our guest speaker. Carl brought us up to date on the Uniroyal, RiverMills at Chicopee Falls and West End area-wide development.

Happy Dollars:

Betsy  announced that the Boys & Girls Club will be hosting the 7th annual auction on Thursday October 20. Please consider attending the function and donating an item for the event.

John announced that the Friends of the Library will be hosting a Dan Kane concert with special guest Lenny Gomulka on October 14. Please consider attending to support the Friends.

Gail announced that the Business Expo will be held on November 27 @ Castle of Knights. Gail also handed out flyers that lower our entrance fees to $5. Please stop by and support your local business associates.