There will be NO MEETING on Monday, September 5th due to the Labor Day holiday. Also, Fred will be out of town the following week, so he is hoping Andy Robb will conduct our September 12, 2011 meeting.  

Karen and Gene reminded everyone to be sure to check in at the table when they arrive.  Karen has been checking it and apparently some people are forgetting to do so.  It also helps us with our attendance records, so please be sure to sign in at the table on your way in to the meeting!

Marcel Schmidt, the Lieutenant Governor from the Southwick Club joined us for today’s meeting.  It was a pleasure to have him with us!

For our song today, we sang “Happy Birthday” to Andy Robb and Joe Peters who celebrated birthdays in the month of August. Walter Wrzesien has a birthday August 31st and was probably out celebrating. Joe Peters also celebrated his 41st wedding anniversary this month. Our best to he and his wife Janice.   

Car Show update - Don reminded everyone to sign up with Kathi Donahue to volunteer the day of the show.  We need everyone’s help to make this a successful event.

Fishing trip update - Kate reviewed the details of the trip again and announced that if a Rotarian wanted to come and bring others (brothers, sisters, friends, etc.) that was fine to do so as there is plenty of room.  

Lucille announced that the Paul Harris award dinner will take place in May of 2012.  She asked that we all consider Paul Harris nominees and forward any ideas to her soon.  She is forming her committee now.

Gina suggested that the Rotary Club of Chicopee volunteer as a group at the Extreme Home Makeover project that  is coming to Springfield. She will get details and get in touch with the club via email.

Clubrunner - Fred asked for a show of hand to see how many Rotarians had looked at the website. He asked if anyone had any problems, and a few people voiced their concerns.  If you follow the “cheat sheet” attached to the email, that will hopefully alleviate some of the problems Rotarians were encountering. However, if you are still ‘stuck’ please contact Fred at 594-9185 or Maureen at 788-3391. We’d love to use this to communicate with each other regularly so please familiarize yourself with it.

Happy Dollars:

Kathi Donahue’s first grandchild was born earlier this month. Congratulations to Kathi and her family!

John Michon returned from his trip north with his annual “Grizzly Adams” look, (most of us thought he was a guest).

Kate Parker was looking forward to returning from her boating vacation to real flushing toilets and electricity, but due to Irene, she is without both at home!